Welcome to TravelNoob everyone. We (Jourdan Laik and Matthew Cooper) are the resident photographers here and the concept behind TravelNoob is simple: Showcase geographical beauty through photography.

Let’s go a bit deeper. If you’ve ever searched for places to visit you will notice that there are very few locations that have photos. It’s difficult to see what to expect. If there are photos they’re often pretty worthless. Not inspiring at all. So we’re going to change that.

TravelNoob showcases the beauty of locations through photography so you’ll know what to expect. Jourdan and myself will be exploring locations throughout the USA (some famous and some not so famous) bringing back the best photographs we know how to make. Live vicariously through the images, become inspired and motivated to get out there and visit many of these wonderful locations for yourself.

In addition to our photography we’ll discuss what you can expect when visiting. You can also expect a bit of technical photography talk.

So come join us as we venture to explore the best vistas, parks, and hidden geographical gems the United States of America has to offer.

There are already several locations available for you to explore. Why not start by checking out a few of our favorites such as Amicalola State Park or Garden of the Gods.

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