Project Description

Panther Creek Falls Trail is a lengthy trail but offers beautiful photo opportunities along the river and waterfalls. It’s located in Fannin County northwest of Ellijay. Just short of 1.5 miles in is the first great spot for photography. There’s a campground and the river runs adjacent to this across lots of interesting mossy rocks and tiny falls. We spent nearly an hour on this small stretch capturing photos. The main event, Panther Creek Falls is at the very end of this nearly 3.5 mile trail and consists of an upper and lower falls. Both make for some interesting photographs though we preferred the lower falls. You can camp here at the falls, however we did this as a half day trek and hiked back out, which is along the same trail came in. Take note, the trail is very thin and high up along rocks at spots so you have to be very careful on this trail. The day we went it had been raining and the rocks were very wet and several locations along the trail were washed out. We would not recommend tackling this trail without the appropriate hiking gear.

Panther Creek Falls Address & Directions

Panther Creek Falls does not have a physical address. Use the below GPS coordinate to locate

34.698950, -83.419967 (N34 41.937 W83 25.198)

Panther Creek Falls Fees

There is a $4 (cash only) parking fee.