Project Description

Eastatoe Falls is located about 12 miles from Brevard, NC. This is a very interesting falls as it is located on private property. The owners have graciously allowed access to the fall to the public. When you pull into their drive way there is a sign directing you to parking behind the owner’s home. Here there is another sign designating the parking area. As you exit the car you can already here the roar of the falls and it is just a short walk through their back yard to the waterfall. The waterfall itself is a gorgeous 60 foot tall falls. From the pool at the bottom of the waterfall the water flows into a creek along some great looking mossy boulders and logs.

Eastatoe Falls Address & Directions

Eastatoe Falls is located at the following coordinates: 35.1118° N, 82.8168° W

Eastatoe Falls Fees

There are no fees at Eastatoe Falls.